Outsourcing Support

Once the company is up and running you need to ensure that you have the right tools in place for operations, administration and reporting. After buying the PC’s you need software for accounting, stock control, invoicing and reporting. Most Japanese business software is only available in Japanese. This makes it difficult for local non Japanese managers and head office staff to control the business.

ERP System
We offer ERP-Ledger and integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. ERP-Ledger supports multiple languages and currencies . The system comes with English, Japanese and Chinese (simplified) language support. Additional languages can be easily added. ERP-Ledger is a hosted (SaaS) solution. Therefore no additional hardware required. To access the system only a web browser is necessary.

Financial Reporting
Reporting requirements vary. We’ll provide the data in whichever form your head office may need it.

Direct tax deductions, social insurance payments, commissions and bonus calculations need to be done in a timely manner.

IT Support
Regular maintenance of PC’s, server and related equipment ensures that you can concentrate on your work.