Office Infrastructure

Work is not finished with signing the rental contract for Japan office. On the contrary, now you need furniture, telephone, fax, PC’s, Internet connection etc. –  that is : office furniture and infrastructure.

We have a lot of experience and Know How and can provide the necessary office infrastructure. The main components are:

Telecom Systems

  • ISDN line(s) for telephone
  • fibre optics internet connection
  • PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system

IT Infrastructure

  • office server and Windows/Mac computers for staff
  • VPN connection to Head Office
  • LAN cabling and/or WiFi

IT Systems

  • ERP Ledger for Accounting and Logistics processing
  • Japanese homepage

Telecom Systems

The PBX connects to one (or two) ISDN lines. Each ISDN line has 2 channels supporting 2 incoming/outgoing calls. Incoming calls are routed to the switchboard or – after dialing an extension number – directly to a particular staff.
It is possible to set up additional IP phone lines (SIP lines). The PBX can then be configured to use the IP line (SIP line) for outgoing calls to foreign destinations. IP phone calls are much cheaper than international calls through the NTT network. If you have a significant amount of international phone calls this setup will save you a lot of money.

IT Infrastructure

Japan has fast Internet connections. The current standard are 100 Mbit/sec best effort lines. While the effective connection speed is somewhat slower it is still faster than in many other countries.
We recommend to install an office server with PC’s or Macintosh client computers. This way company data can be stored on the office server and server data is backed up daily. This protects you if a PC should crash or refuse to boot.
Also, we can set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to your Head Office. Your staff can then securely access data located in you Head Office – rather than sending emails forward and backward.

IT Systems

Rather than using multiple separate systems for stock control, invoicing and accounting we suggest to use ERP Ledger, an integrated ERP solution. The system supports about 30 GUI languages. Documents can be printed in English, Japanese and Chinese (simplified). The system supports multiple currencies.
The following business functions are covered:

  • accounting
  • purchasing
  • quotations
  • sales
  • stock control
  • assembly productions
  • basic project management

ERP Ledger is a hosted application (SaaS) and hence you don’t require any internal resources for maintenance.
Check her for details about ERP-Ledger.

It is also recommended to have a Japanese homepage. This could be a simple homepage containing basic company data, products, office address and access map or a translation of your company website.
We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

Virtual Office

If you decided to entrust us with setting up a Virtual Office for your Japanese company this will include the necessary Telecom System and IT Infrastructure.