Office Types

After the decision has been taken to start a business in Japan you’re soon confronted with the office question.
How much do I have to spend for an office? How big? Which location?
These are valid questions and it is necessary to seriously look into all options available. After all office costs are overhead costs and don’t contribute to your business result. Options are:

  • Virtual Office (no own office, office provided and managed by different company)
  • Affiliate Office (no own office, company is located in the premises of an affiliate company e.g. the distributor)
  • Own Office (own office)

Which office type is the right one for your Japanese company? To answer this question we need to look at your type of business and how you want to set up your Japanese company.

Let’s look at some examples:

Example 1

You are a manufacturer, all products are imported into Japan and sales/logistics etc are managed by your Japanese distributor.  The company is set up to show the manufacturers commitment to the Japanese market. At this point in time the distributor will be in charge of running the business. However, for support and research you agree to send an engineer to Japan. The corresponding costs will be charged to the new Japanese subsidiary.
In this situation you could negotiate with the distributor to use their office with your engineer working in the distributors office. Therefore an Affiate Office would be the best solution.

Example 2

You are already exporting product to Japan. Logistics and sales are done by a trading company. You decide to set up a Japanese company because you want to start actively promoting and selling further products. Sales of products not covered by the trading company will be done by Japanese sales staff directly reporting to your sales manager.
There is not much point in renting an office because the sales staff is expected to spend their time visiting potential customers. As you need a company address, phone and fax you can set up a Virtual Office. This is much cheaper than renting an office and hiring office staff.

Example 3

Your Japan business requires you to have a minimum of 4-5 people in Japan (CEO, vice director, 2 sales staff, assistant). This makes it necessary to set up your own office in Japan. This can be an office within a business center or some other office. Business centers typically offer furnished offices; otherwise you need to take care of your own furnishing. So, here you set up your Own Office.

Our Services

We can provide and set up a Virtual Office for your Japan subsidiary. This includes all necessary infrastructure like telephone, fax, internet connection and VPN connection to your office.
If you require your Own Office we can help you to select and setup your office in Japan including communication lines, PC’s, printers etc.