Setup Procedures

The company setup follows a procedure determined by a various dependencies required by the law. Following these steps, however, is almost a guarantee for a timely completion of the company setup.

The following checklist shows the necessary steps together with comments.

Step Description Comment Requires Status
1 determine company type and capital to invest Kabushiki Kaisha is the most common company type
2 appoint company directors and auditors (number, persons) number of required directors depends on the company type 1
3 appoint the representative director must be resident in Japan 1
4 appoint the promoter the promoter is the person who sets the company up. He/she must be resident in Japan 1
5 determine company office rented office, virtual office, business center
6 decide on company articles legal requirements must be covered 1,2,3,4,5
7 translation of registration documents if required by head office 6
8 directors to sign documents signatures must not be certified 6,7
9 money transfer to temporary account transfer is a precondition for the company registration 1
10 order company seal company seal and address stamp 1,5
11 register company registration with the registration office 6, 8, 9, 10
12 open company account only possible after successful registration 11
13 obtain business visa for non Japanese staff 11
14 setup office, hire staff, start business

For the Japan business setup a promoter is required. The promoter acts as the central contact person during the whole registration process.He draws the company articles, ensures that all documents are prepared, ensures that the company capital is made available and ensures

that the company is finally registered. The promoter must be resident in Japan.

For your incorporation we offer the following services:

Task Service
company promoter provide promoter
company offices provide virtual office or help with office search
translation services translation (also certified if required)
company seal, bank account order seal, open bank account on customers’ behalf

Following the successful incorporation we help you hiring staff and setting up your office. Typically this also includes the IT infrastructure with connection to the head office.