Company Setup

Once you decided to go ahead with setting up a business in Japan there are certain tasks you need to tackle. Some of these tasks have interdependencies e.g. you need an address when setting up the company and the projected number of staff determines the required office size.

Company Types
Which company type is the right one? Your choice has implications for the company capital required, the number of directors, legal reporting and a host of other questions. All legal documents must be in Japanese. Most likely you require translations of the main documents for internal discussion and later filing.
The company registration consists of a number of steps in a certain order. This can be daunting at first. We’ll help you to get registered your business registered in Japan without unnecessary delay.

Capital Required
The legal minimum capital for a Japanese company is not the capital you need to set up the company and to start business. Consider also costs for setting up an office, hiring staff and to cover a start phase of 6 months or longer.

Business Visa
If you decide to send management staff to Japan they will normally require a business visa. Applications take some time to process. Therefore it is best to file the necessary documents as soon as you made your decision and the legal requirements are fulfilled.

Setup Procedures
In this section you find a list of the various steps required to set up the company. Registration in Japan is quick – provided you have all the necssary documents readily prepared.

Office Types
If you start with 4-5 people or more you will need your own office. Depending on your choice of location this can be quite expensive. You may want to use your money for selling rather than for buying chairs. In that case an office with an affiliate company or a virtual office may be a good alternative.

Office Infrastructure
Assuming that you decide on having your own office you need furniture, Japanese PC’s, Internet, phone and fax connection. In addition you need the right tools e.g. computer systems to start working.

Staffing (HR)
Your Japanese managers should have a reasonable command of English. For some of the daily work you can hire temporary staff. They should also be able to reasonably read and write English.