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Is a market entry in Japan right step for your company? We’ll help you to find out and we’ll help you to get your business incorporated in Japan.

Market Entry Research

Regardless of time pressure or other circumstances should spend sufficient time to research the business environment, the legal situation, import duties, major market players and their market share. Market prices and costs for import and distribution need to be investigated . Market trends and relevant political and social developments will give you an idea of possible impact on your business in Japan. This can be difficult to do from abroad. We can help you to collect this information which is absolutely necessary for a final stop or go decision.

Search for Company Office

Tokyo is a big city with good and not so good locations and prices can vary a lot. Renting an office will be a major expense because you have to pay rent for up to 6 months ahead. In addition you settle for a big chunk of fixed overhead costs. We can find you a suitable office for your Japanese subsidiary or recommend an estate agent. Alternatively we can provide with a Virtual Office. Where necessary we can also provide translation or interpretation services.

Office in a Business Center

A company office will easily set you back by 500,000 Jpy (ca. 5,000 Euro) per month. This can be lot for companies just starting business in Japan. There are alternatives. You can rent a small office for your Japanese company in a business center. Business centers typically offer facilities like meeting rooms, library etc. Offices are normally furnished so you don’t have to worry about buying furniture.

Virtual Office

A Virtual Office provides you with a company address, telephone/fax and internet connnection service for your Japanese business. This is a good solution if you don’t expect many customers visiting your Japan office and sales people and other staff are working from home. This setup has become more popular recently.

Setting up your Company

Like any country Japan knows several company types and their respective requirements. Company articles and all relevant documents have to be submitted in Japanese and at least one director needs to be residing in Japan. The technical process can be daunting.

We will prepare all documents in Japanese and ensure that they comply with the legal requirements. Where required we will provide translations of all relevant documents – because nobody can expect you to sign documents you can’t read. The registration process is less time consuming than you think. If all information is available and all documents are signed without delay your company can be incorporated within 4-6 weeks.

Provision of Accounting and Logistics Services

Once the company is up and running you need to ensure that operations and administration are catered for. This are accounting and most likely headoffice reporting. Logistics activities like purchasing, sales, inventory handling and possibly customs and importing need to be taken care of.

To support you we offer ERP-Ledger, and integrated ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for small and medium companies. ERP-Ledger is offered as a hosted solution i.e. you access the application using your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera etc.). Therefore you don’t need to install any special hardware or software. ERP-Ledger supports multiple languages and currencies. We offer the software with support of English, Japanese and Chinese (simplified). The applications provide the following functions (amongst others):

  • Accounting module (compliant with Japanese requirements)
  • Sales module (quotations, orders, invoicing)
  • Purchasing module (RFQ, purchase orders, vendor invoices)
  • Inventory module (several warehouses, serial number, lot number)
  • Assembly production module
  • User permission control

Regular accounting checks, year end P&L, balance sheet and tax declarations are done by a chartered accountant.

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